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  Ningbo Yongyi Building Materials Co., Ltd. is located in yuyao, Zhejiang province, the hometown of plastic mold kingdom, the company was founded in 2008, is a professional engaged in the design, production and sales of plastic piping system innovative private enterprises. Since the establishment of the company to high positioning, high starting point for the strategic goal. The products adopt advanced domestic and foreign standards production, the main technical indicators to reach the international leading level, all kinds of pipe production lines, injection molding machines, molds and professional testing equipment...
  • About Us
  • Yongyi Building materials
    was founded in Founded in 2008, the company is a professional engaged in
    Plastic piping system design, production,
    sales of innovative private enterprises.

    Yongyi main products
    PP-Rpipe, pipe fittings, aluminum plastic PP-Rpipe,PE- RTfloor heating pipe,F-PPR high performance glass Fiber pipe, plumbing hose, copper pipe fittings, PE water supply pipe Pipe fittings, PVC-U drainage pipe, pipe fittings,Electrical casing, faucet, valve and other series of pipes,System products.

    Product marketing
    The network covers most provinces and cities in China,
    And exported to Russia, Southeast Asia and Europe
    The United States and other countries and regions

    Product categories
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  • To provide global families with yongyi high quality products

  • Technical support
    Product technical problem solving, construction and installation guidance, material budget. Design construction and installation drawings.

  • Rich experience in r&d
    13 years of high-end PPR R&D and production experience, with a sound product planning, research and development, experiment, testing, quality control system.

  • Core products produced by ourselves
    Train and provide engineering and technical personnel at any time to help the company solve technical problems in the application of guidance in the work.

  • Customer information processing
    Customer complaint information processing, customer consultation information processing. Customer satisfaction survey

  • Establish archives
    Provide the required services to customers and assist them to complete the information transfer process and input customer files into the company database

  • After-sale protection
    Responsible for product quality tracking investigation and information feedback, leading the company's service representatives to better serve our customers.
  • Application field

  • Drinking water pipe

  • Industrial piping system

  • Urban plumbing system

  • Floor heating
  • News
    National service hotline
    Manager zheng:139 0584 1283
    Kelvin zhou:135 6608 8897
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